Gourmet salt flakes with wine Bras del Port


10,40 лв.

Gourmet salt flakes with red wine
Packaging: 125 g
Provenience: Spain

The only sea salt flakes with red wine made in Spain. The red wine comes from the Matarromera winery and the salt - from the Bras del Port basins, lagoons where seawater is concentrated and salt crystallizes. An amazing combination of two products created by the sun, which provides an explosion of flavours to all dishes. With a crispy, fine and delicate texture that melts instantly in contact with the palate. Less salty than regular salt. The product is completely natural.

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Отстъпка от 7% на всички продукти с код IBERICA7.
Поръчки, направени до 14 часа, се изпълняват в рамките на същия ден. Поръчки след този час ще бъдат изпълнени на следващия ден. Безплатна доставка над 80 лв за гр. София.