Hard sheep's milk Manchego cheese Artequeso

7,40 лв.

Hard cheese made from raw sheep's milk
Packaging: per gram, min. 100 g
Attention: due to the specifics of slicing, the weight is approximate
Provenience: Spain

''Queso de Oveja Curado Manchego'' is one of Spain’s most prestigious types of cheese made from raw milk of the Manchego sheep in the La Mancha region. It has a protected designation of origin ("DOP"). This is a dry, non-creamy cheese which has aged for 12 months in a cellar and has a very specific taste.

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Отстъпка от 7% на всички продукти с код IBERICA7.
Поръчки, направени до 14 часа, се изпълняват в рамките на същия ден. Поръчки след този час ще бъдат изпълнени на следващия ден. Безплатна доставка над 80 лв за гр. София.