Jamón Iberico Bellota with bone Esencia Única Covap 4-4,5 kg


620,00 лв.

Exquisite jamón from an Iberian pig fed exclusively on acorns
Quantity: per unit, around 4-4,5 kg
Provenience: Spain

Enjoy the taste of this special jamón made from the hind limbs of 100% Iberian pig, fed exclusively on acorns and wild herbs. An artisan product that differs from other Spanish jamón with its unique texture and delicate, slightly salty taste with an intense, pleasant aroma. The meat comes from the Pedroches Valley, known for some of the best pastures in Spain, a guarantee for the highest quality raw material, and has a protected designation of origin "Valle de los Pedroches". We recommend serving at room temperature (between 20º and 24ºC) to enjoy the aroma and taste of this product to the fullest. 

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Отстъпка от 7% на всички продукти с код IBERICA7.
Поръчки, направени до 14 часа, се изпълняват в рамките на същия ден. Поръчки след този час ще бъдат изпълнени на следващия ден. Безплатна доставка над 80 лв за гр. София.