La Casa Iberica
a grocery store for Spanish delicacies

A little piece from Spain in Sofia. Spanish delicacies and wines from the most famous wine regions of the Iberian Peninsula. For connoisseurs, gourmets and curious admirers of quality Mediterranean food and wine.
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Spanish Hammon - Masterpieces

Imagine paper-thin strips of dark red ham, arranged like petals on the edge of a hand-painted ceramic dish. Imagine rows of ham hams to hang on aging in fresh mountain air. Imagine horses on a special home stand all over Spain, with a long and slim knife beside them - at hand for every occasion when someone decides to get in the bliss of a piece of melting mouth delicacy. In Spain Hamon (ham) is hospitality. Hamon is Spain! Of all kinds of ham produced in Europe, the Spanish Hamon is the Golden Standard, the best of the best.
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For many people who love Spanish ham, the way and place of eeding of the famous eed of pigs Iberico is misty and little known, and in many cases even totally unclear. There is an extensive area of ​​Spain, where nature is still unaffected by massive construction, where the ancient traditions are alive and the animals are grown under the most favorable conditions to achieve the incredible bouquet of flavors and the texture of the meat that melts in the mouth . Here the unique climatic and ecological conditions, combined with the balanced ecosystem, form the home of the Iberico pig. This is the Extremadura region, located in the western part of the country located along the Portuguese border along the north-south axis. This is where the dehesa is located.
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Types of hamon, grades and cutting

The types and qualities of Spanish hams are determined by the pig's eed, how and where they are grown and how the meat is processed. Simple factors that create a huge difference for the production of the finished product. Some combinations of these factors are protected and guaranteed by certification of origin - Denominación de Origin or by the Spanish Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español - these organizations ensure that the hams bearing their stamp meet the necessary quality and flavor requirements - synonyms of Spanish hams.
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Spanish wines

Spain - one of the largest wine producers in Europe (according to some sources, the largest ones) and the country with the largest area of ​​vineyards. A major factor in the growing popularity of Spanish wines in Europe and around the world is diversity and innovation. Spain is mostly known for its red wines, with the main and the most popular wine grape varieties of red wines being Tempranillo and the Guarantee (Tempranillo y Garnacha). On the other hand, however, white wines are not yet widely known, but there are several species that are important not to be missed, such as Albarino and Verdejo.
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